Scimitar Sports is a registered UK company. Born out of a need for light weight wicking sports wear in the Caribbean Scimitar sports has grown from strength to strength and is presently manufacturing up to 250,000 garments per year.

Scimitar Sports specialism is the manufacture of sublimationprint technical sports wear.We have particular expertise in cycle wear, running wear, triathlon kit, rugby playing kit, American football uniforms and medium to large runs of bespoke run, cycle, charity and corporate event and fundraising shirts.
As a leading manufacturer of sublimation print garments, Scimitar Sports is skilled in a number of print processes, ensuring that our clients receive the best value print options for their design.

Scimitar sports is as comfortable with orders of 10 pieces (regularly produced for the cycle market) up to the largest run presently of 50,000+ t shirts. All garments pass though 4 stages of quality control and are sampled prior to the production run. We regularly manufacture to specific guidelines and are work with quality assurance agencies such as SGS to ensure required standards are met.

All our garments are manufactured using polyester fibers. These are woven to ensure either fast wicking and aeration or superior compression dependent upon the garments purpose. This wicking effect gives competitors the edge they need in performance, wicking sweat rapidly away from the body,  preventing chaffing, maintaining body temperature and allow for unrestricted movement.

Our experienced sales advisors will offer guidance on the best fabrics, the right patterns and how best to keep the cost of your garment within your budget
Scimitar strives to offer its clients value though dedicated customer service, offering professional advice and by offering value for money though our own cost cutting technology driven initiatives.?
Our Reduced Marketing Policy ensures that our customers are not funding expensive team and athlete sponsorship deals and advertising runs. We rely on customer satisfaction, the creation of sports partnerships with clubs, schools and events and grass roots level clothing and event entry sponsorship for junior and amateur age group athletes.
Why use Polyester based technical  sports garments
Polyester has the following properties which make it an ideal material to manufacture sports performance garments.Wrinkle resistance.

Highly durable.

High colour retention.

Low levels of water absorption.

Light weight.

Minimal shrinkage.

Polyester and the environment
Polyester washes and dries on a low temperature.
It is recyclable and can be rewoven after recycling.
It is a natural occurring polymer and is therefore biodegradable.
There are low levels of toxicity in manufacturing the raw materials and side products.
Modern production is in a closed loop with low levels of emissions.
Scimitar Sports sublimation print manufacture and the environment
Scimitar sports recycles all paper from the manufacturing process.
Scimitar sports uses water based inks in the manufacturing process.
All off cuts of material are recycled or reused for other production processes.
Printer paper is used on both sides before recycling.
Garments when shipped are shipped by sea freight wherever possible.
Ink cartridges are refillable.
Screens for silk printing are reused wherever possible.
The factory utilizes energy saving equipment where possible.
Scimitar Sports sublimation print manufactures ethical policy
Scimitar sports manufactures whilst upholding global labor standards.
Management is ethical and fair.
Working conditions are safe and hygienic.
Two nutritious meals per day are provided to all workers by the site chef.
Ensuring all pay is above expectations for the national standards and that all associated benefits are paid.
Working hours comply with national laws and industry standards, that overtime is voluntary and that it is compensated at a premium rate.
There is no discrimination of the workforce.
Why to move away from cotton
There has been a trend to move away from cotton in sports garments in recent years, roughly 70% of garments are still manufactured in cotton however the successes of firms such as under armor in the US sporting apparel market is pushing the big brands to follow suit
From an environmental viewpoint there are important reasons not to use cotton in such large quantities especially in the production of event shirts which are often not worn, these are as follows.(taken from and other web based sources.) Cotton growth accounts for 2.6 % water waste globally.
One T Shirt represents 2700 Liters water and 1/3 pound chemicals used during the raw materials growing stage.
Cotton retains 27% its weight in water, therefore drying can become costly.

Polyester wears longer, washes cooler, dries quicker.
Cotton is chemically dependant using 10 % of all agricultural chemicals globally and 25 % of all pesticides used globally.

Organic cotton is thirstier and needs more money in its growth.
A 250gram cotton T shirt can have attributed to its production 1700 grams of fossil fuel, 450 grams of waste to landfill, 4 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.