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2018/19 Gallagher Premiership Kit Review

For the third season running, we’re delighted to bring you a comprehensive Gallagher Premiership 2018/2019 kit review!
There’s a few stand out designs this year, and a number of key sponsorship changes. Quite fitting then, as we say goodbye to Aviva as principal sponsor of the Premiership. If this is your first time, here’s the low down. We review each club and their home/away rugby jerseys out of ten. We take into account the colours, designs and, in a few cases, the astronomical prices brands are trying to charge.
Want a bit of context? This follows on from our 2017/18 review..
Whether you agree with us or not, we’d love to hear your opinion! Get involved by commenting/sharing on Facebook & TwitterJust a sidenote before we crack on; please remember that this is the subjective view of our rugby-mad marketing team, and not a reflection on Scimitar’s opinion of the companies mentioned!
Let’s get things started, shall we?

Bath Rugby Kit 18/19 – Canterbury
It’s quite surprising that Canterbury only have one Premiership outfit, but that may be beneficial for the designs of Bath Rugby. As you’ll see below, a lot of clubs have a contrasting design splitting the upper and lower sections of the jersey, and Bath have got it nailed.
The classic black, blue & white combination works supremely well, while the minimal sponsorship keeps the jersey looking sleek and modern.
Home Shirt Rating: 8/10 – Clean and effective. Possibly the best description for a jersey ever.
Away Shirt Rating: 8/10 – As above, but for fans of white jerseys over the traditional blue.

Photo credit: Bath Rugby

Bristol Bears Rugby Kit 18/19 – Bristol Sport
In their inaugural year as the Bears, Bristol Sport have taken the rebrand seriously with a new look entirely. The blue home jersey still nods a head to Bristol jerseys of the past while providing a fresh, modern approach.
The away jersey combines a white design with black detailing; a classic combination. Both jerseys are clean and are a bit of a step forward for the designs of Bristol Rugby, in my opinion. Either way,  we’ll grin and ‘bear’ them, I suppose…
Home Shirt Rating: 8/10 – Clean design with a clear nod to Bristol Rugby jerseys of the past.
Away Shirt Rating: 7/10 – Sometimes a clean design and classic colour combination just works.

Photo credit: Bristol Bears

Exeter Chiefs Rugby Kit 18/19 – Samurai
So what about the kit the former champions of England will be wearing? Well, it kinda looks the same as last year with a different collar.
The away kit on the other hand is a refreshing change with a white design, and a couple of technical enhancements. The away kit is pictured below with the third ‘Cup’ jersey.
Home Shirt Rating: 7/10 – Classic design, but much different from last year? Perhaps not.
Away Shirt Rating: 8/10 –  A classic white design with nice features.

Photo credit: Grow Exeter

Gloucester Rugby Kit 18/19 – XBlades
Hoops are (still) in so it seems, as newly rebranded Gloucester launch their new jerseys for the year. The design for 2018/19 is clean, rounded and cleverly incorporates a lot of sponsors without being ‘in your face’. My concern with the image below? I’m not sure if it’s the photography, but the collar and sleeves aren’t really done any justice, as they ride off the players.
Maybe this is the reason we think it’s a safe design; the away kit is a little disappointing. In essence, it’s a rather plain jersey in a dark grey & green print. Definitely doesn’t live up to the classy standards of the home jersey. The away jersey follows the same styles and trends as last year’s home, with a grey & white hooped design.
Home Shirt Rating: 7/10 – The design is clean enough, but is the fit as it should be?
Away Shirt Rating: 7/10 – The grey is a refreshing change, but the fit looks similar to the home jersey.

Photo credit: Gloucester Rugby

Harlequins Rugby Kit 18/19 – Adidas
The Harlequins design is iconic as it stands. Adidas have looked to take it further this year, introducing clean lines to break up the design further. It works well, and looks like a really classy product. 
I’m going to leave the away jersey out of the review, and ask that you go view the product yourself here and ask yourself if you’d pay £62.95 for the honour. 
Home Shirt Rating: 8/10 – The lines give the Quins a modern twist on their classic colours.
Away Shirt Rating: 3/10 – Oh no. For the second season running, the away shirt looks more like a tour kit. In fact, it reminds me of a quilted duvet that just so happens to be lime green. You’ve been warned. 

Photo credit: Harlequins

Leicester Tigers Rugby Kit 18/19 – Kukri
Another kit supplier into their second year, Kukri have kept things nice and simple for 18/19, and it works. The combination of green, red and white stripes works brilliantly, and it’s one of the cleanest jerseys released this season. Then, add the subtle tiger-stripes for a unique look.
The kit looks good across both colours, and Kukri are really opening up the options by offering the home jersey in an elite, replica, classic & womens fit. The away jersey, on the other hand, is available in elite, replica & womens cuts.
Home Shirt Rating: 8/10 – Clean, good looking kit in green, red & white. Well balanced, retro-inspired design. The subtle tiger stripes look brilliant.
Away Shirt Rating: 5/10 – From one extreme to the other! A white design with an odd, purple blurred detail doesn’t really work for me.

Photo credit: Leicester Tigers

Newcastle Rugby Kit 18/19 – ISC
Rugby league specialists ISC are into their second year with the Falcons now, and fans were excited for the official reveal.
After a sponsor-less jersey in 17/18, Newcastle are certainly making up for lost time with a number of key names adding to the jersey! In a weird way, it feels more complete. It’s in no way an Scarlett level of sponsorship placement, but makes it feel more like a Premiership rugby top we’d expect to see from ISC.
The away shirt, is a replica of the home shirt, available in a clean green jersey. ISC has listened to fans and created a number of cotton replicas of the jerseys.
Home Shirt Rating: 8/10 – Another strong effort from ISC, keeping things simple with clean lines and colours.
Away Shirt Rating: 7/10 – Like the home shirt, but in green! Might not show any creatively, but looks good nonetheless.

Photo credit: Newcastle Falcons

Northampton Saints Rugby Kit 18/19 –  Macron
Toolstation remains the core sponsor for the Northampton Saints with Macron’s only Premiership kit.  Not differing too much from last season, it seems Macron has refined the original design to create a jersey that has a retro feel about it.
After last year’s away jersey disaster, I’m delighted to reveal that the 2018/19 variant has steadied the ship! A red & white design with the Saints’ classic yellow trim, it’s certainly an improvement on last year’s entry.
Home Shirt Rating: 7/10 – A refined version of last year’s jersey.
Away Shirt Rating: 7/10 – Better than last year! A red & white design with classic Saints trim detailing.

Photo credit: Northampton Saints 

Sale Sharks Rugby Kit 18/19 – Samurai 
This year, we’re able to review the home & away jerseys at the same time. Wahoo!
The Shark plays a prominent role across both designs, worked into the body of the jersey across the front & rear. The blue and red contrasts between the home and away are nice, and draw contrasts with quite a number of clubs opting for a red alternative kit this year.
Home Shirt Rating: 7/10 – A nice jersey integrating the shark design into the belly of the kit.
Away Shirt Rating: 7/10 – Nicely incorporates the same design from the home kit into the core of the jersey.

Photo credit: Sale Sharks

Saracens Rugby Kit 18/19 – Nike
After their deal with BLK expired in the Summer, Nike return to the Gallagher Premiership with a vengeance. The return to sponsor Saracens begins with this understated design, featuring triangle print amongst the dominant black design.
For the away jersey, Nike have opted for the same design as the home in a striking, red design, adding a camouflage black contrast down the side panels.
A sidenote here – £130 for the match replica jersey? No thank you!
Home Shirt Rating: 8/10 – A classy return to the Gallagher Premiership for Nike.
Away Shirt Rating: 8/10 – Solid away jersey with a nice individual touch to distinguish the two.

Photo credit: Saracens

Wasps Rugby Kit 18/19 – Under Armour
After last years centenary kit, the 2018/19 Wasps jersey returns to the familiar gold & black designs of recent years. While not as striking as last year, it’s a solid entry for Under Armour’s only Premiership team this year.
The away jersey for 2018/19 is white again, with black & gold detail. Not really an inspiring design, while the low gold hoops don’t look right on the away jersey compared to the home.
Home Shirt Rating: 8/10 – A classic black & gold design.
Away Shirt Rating: 6/10 – Looks a little unbalanced with the low-positioned gold stripes.
Wasps Rugby Kit 2018/19
Photo credit: Wasps Rugby

Worcester Warriors Rugby Kit 18/19 – VX3
Having surprised with the termination pf their deal with Under Armour early, the latest brand to take on the reigns for the Warriors is VX3, a Lovell Rugby-backed venture.
With this, VX3 introduced a trio of kits for their first ever Gallagher Premiership adventure, to a widely positive reception amongst the fans.
The blue away jersey stands out with an impressive design, while the third kit is an ode to kits of the past with a retro white, blue & yellow striped design.
Home Shirt Rating: 7/10 – A clean, classic design with the Warriors blue & gold print.
Away Shirt Rating: 8/10 – The blue design has gone down surprisingly well with the home fans.

Photo credit: Worcester Warriors

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