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4 Cycling Essentials For Your Spring Cycling Kit

You’ve been out on the roads or staying inside on the turbo racking up the miles all winter.
The suns coming out for spring but so are the spring showers! Stay prepared for every eventuality with our range of custom and bespoke cycling essentials!
1. Jacket
A jacket that keeps you dry yet regulates your body temperature is essential for your spring cycling kit. On a ride you can easily find the temperature drop suddenly with cloud cover or a sudden shower; keep a lightweight jacket in your jersey pocket for sudden showers or wear it throughout if you know the forecast is going to be bad.
For your team or event, high quality jackets are cycling essentials as part of your riders’ kit. We have a range of medium and lightweight jackets to choose from to cover you in heavy and light showers alike.
2. Gilet
At the end of a long climb you are boiling hot and tired. The decent can feel like a blessing but when the cold air hits you as you pick up speed it can feel like a curse. Keeping a gilet in your pocket or over your jersey can keep you warm on the way up if temperatures are cool and protect you from the cold on your decent.
The Scimitar range of bespoke gilets has a windproof front panel with mesh panelling on the back to make sure you don’t overheat. Contact one of our sales team today to find out what we can do for you.
3. Arm Warmers
You thought you were prepared when you left the house; the sun was shinning and the forecast looked good all day. Low and behold the temperature drops 5o degrees when the clouds suddenly come and your left out there in just your jersey and shorts with 30km to go before you get home to put your layers on.
Sound familiar?
Make sure you pack your arm warmers in your jersey pockets to keep you warm during your rides for any weather to help maintain body temperature and performance. With a lightweight jacket and a pair of arm warmers in your jersey pocket, you will be prepared for whatever the British spring throws at you.
4. Cap
Spring sun can be intense at times and can easily dehydrate you when you’re out on your ride without you realising. Our caps use Qwick-Dri™ wicking fabric to wick moisture from your head to regulate temperature while protecting you from the spring sun.

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