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Can flags help enhance my event?

Let’s put it this way.
You’re watching the 2015 Rugby League Grand Final in front of the television on a Sunday afternoon. Leeds Rhinos are about to face off against title contenders Wigan Warriors.
As the camera pans out, you see a stand of Leeds Rhinos supporters waving their flags in support and anticipation of seeing their team. On the other side of the, a stand of Wigan Warriors fans with their crest-adorned flags; two seas of blue and red as fans unite with the players.
Check out this video and the products we supplied.

That’s the impact Scimitar hand flags can have. You can find out more about them here.
It’s not just stadium events that can make the most of these items, as we sell to motor racing tracks, corporate sponsors and even marathon/OCR organisers.
Effectively, any spectator sport can make the most of these handy marketing tools. If sponsors are keen to get involved and sponsor part of the payment, it can significantly help reduce your costs.
Consider it part of the spectating experience. They act as motivational tools for teams and marketing tools for corporate sponsors, so have a mutual benefit across the board.
What else is available?
You’ll often see flutter flags if you’re attending a corporate event, or entering a specific sporting entrance. What’s more, they can be used indoor and outdoor, and are perfect for branding a corporate event with colours, logos and messages.
Flutter flags can help identify hidden pathways and lead customers to the right area. What’s more, they are excellent branding tools and can highlight specific marketing campaigns, key sponsors and offers.
Once the event is over, they simply fold down and pack away for easy transporting.
How have you used flags effectively in your business? Find out more about Scimitar promotional flags here.

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