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Custom Recycled Zinc Medals

Custom Recycled Metal Zinc Medals

The UK’s leading supplier of custom running vests.

Developed to be of the highest quality available to the custom market, our custom running vests benefit from a number of key innovations, including the ability to be made from 100% recycled polyester. Chosen as the vest of choice by thousands of running clubs, charities and events all over the world, we have developed a product that offers an unequivocal balance of endurance comfort, print vibrancy and, ultimately, price.

Virtual Fundraising in 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented global event, brought many challenges that forced individuals and organisations to adapt quickly. Among these were charities, whose traditional fundraising methods were severely impacted. Physical events such as marathons and 10Ks, as well as smaller individual fundraising events such as bake sales and coffee mornings were traditionally the backbone of […]

Introducing the 2024 Scimitar Charity Giveaway

Charity Giveaway 2024 announcement Logo and image.

After a record level of entries last year, Scimitar is delighted to reveal that the 2024 Charity Giveaway is now open. As the leading custom sportswear brand for charities and non-profits in the UK, Scimitar proudly work with hundreds of organisations of all sizes, from huge nationwide support charities through to smaller, regional communities. The […]

Charity Giveaway Winner Announcement

Charity Running Vests, T-Shirts and Sportswear for Diabetes UK by Scimitar Sportswear

Our Charity Giveaway returned with a bang this summer with an unprecedented, record number of entries.  The giveaway, which has been running annually since 2018 (minus a small break for COVID-19), has been purpose-built to award a charity with a £2,000 prize to send on charity clothing, branding and promotional items.. Whether it’s spending credit […]

Charity Places at London Marathon

Diabetes UK at 2023 London Marathon in Scimitar Charity Running Vests

It’s that time of the year again. The results of the 2024 TCS London Marathon ballot. For some, it’s ecstasy while for others, it’s heartbreak. In 2024, over 578,000 people tried their luck in the ballot, with only 58,000 places available for general entry. It may be somebody’s fourth or fifth disappointment in a row, […]

Charity Running Vests: Running for a Cause

Charity Running Vests

Running has always been a popular way to stay fit and active, but what if we told you that running could also make a significant impact on the lives of others? Charity running vests have emerged as a powerful tool to combine fitness goals with a noble cause. In this blog post, we will explore […]

Charity Staff & Volunteer Jackets

Charity Custom Jackets

Our custom charity jackets for staff & volunteers are warm, colourful and perfectly branded.

Retail-quality and designed to suit all seasons, our range of custom staff charity jackets are engineered using our high-performance fabric, and designed to be showerproof and windproof. Personalise with a huge number of options and upgrades.

Charity Lightweight Running Jackets

Custom Charity Lightweight Jackets

Keep your fundraisers warm with our range of lightweight running jackets for charities.

Made up of both water-resistant and windproof membranes, our charity running have many customisable options. Retail-quality and designed to suit weather of all seasons, our charity jackets are engineered using our high-performance, windproof fabric.

Charity Wristbands

Charity Custom Wristbands

Charity silicone wristbands provide a high-value, low-cost promotional item with a multitude of fundraising opportunities.

Developed to the exact Pantone colour of your charity, we’ve produce hundreds of thousands of wristbands for charities, mass participation events and trade exhibitions over the year.


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