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Charity Places at London Marathon

Diabetes UK at 2023 London Marathon in Scimitar Charity Running Vests

It’s that time of the year again. The results of the 2024 TCS London Marathon ballot. For some, it’s ecstasy while for others, it’s heartbreak. In 2024, over 578,000 people tried their luck in the ballot, with only 58,000 places available for general entry. It may be somebody’s fourth or fifth disappointment in a row, […]

Charity Running Vests: Running for a Cause

Charity Running Vests

Running has always been a popular way to stay fit and active, but what if we told you that running could also make a significant impact on the lives of others? Charity running vests have emerged as a powerful tool to combine fitness goals with a noble cause. In this blog post, we will explore […]

Charity Staff & Volunteer Jackets

Charity Custom Jackets

Our custom charity jackets for staff & volunteers are warm, colourful and perfectly branded.

Retail-quality and designed to suit all seasons, our range of custom staff charity jackets are engineered using our high-performance fabric, and designed to be showerproof and windproof. Personalise with a huge number of options and upgrades.

Charity Wristbands

Charity Custom Wristbands

Charity silicone wristbands provide a high-value, low-cost promotional item with a multitude of fundraising opportunities.

Developed to the exact Pantone colour of your charity, we’ve produce hundreds of thousands of wristbands for charities, mass participation events and trade exhibitions over the year.

Charity Scrim Roll

Custom Charity Scrim Roll

Perfect for charity event branding, charity scrim roll is effectively used to pave the way for participants and fundraisers and to monetise sponsorships where possible.

Single side printed and Pantone matched for colour and branding accuracy, our charity scrim roll is available to order in individual panels and rolls with up to 30m continuous print. Choose from a finished cut edge or taped eyelets, depending on the product placement. Eco-friendly mesh option available.

Charity Canopy Tents

Custom Charity Canopy Tent

Charity canopy tents built for mass participation events with unrivalled quality & precision.

Unlike our competitors, we construct our bespoke charity canopy tents after manufacture to ensure everything is correct to your specification, and to give you peace of mind prior to delivery. Our custom charity canopy tents are amongst the best quality available within the UK charity sector.

Charity Reusable Plastic Bags

Custom Charity Reusable Bags

Add the finishing touches to your charity event with our custom charity plastic bags.

Opt for sustainable options and go carbon-neutral. With our custom plastic bags and sustainable options for your charity, you can promote both sustainability and your charity branding in equal measures. Available in a number of styles and options, we are able to create custom charity plastic bags that are suitable for all types of events & budgets.

Charity Lanyards

Custom Charity Lanyards

Scimitar’s range of custom charity lanyards are designed to promote your charity before, during and after an event has taken place.

A range of standard colours are available to represent your charity exactly. What’s more, our creative team are able to recreate any designs or concepts and advise on the artwork required to create the best results. Custom charity lanyards are available in either sublimation print design, plain flat colour or tubular fabric to include printed designs. Sustainable ribbons made with recycled polyester are now available.

Charity Bang Sticks

Custom Charity Bang Bang Noise Sticks

Also known as noise sticks, our charity bang sticks are designed to ramp up the atmosphere at cheer stations.


When taking part in an event as a fundraiser, cheer stations are a brilliant source of motivation. Our portfolio for charity noise sticks is vast, and include the likes of Prostate Cancer Care, Help for Heroes, Clic Sargent, Breast Cancer Care, Macmillan Cancer Support and Diabetes UK.


We can now produce charity bang sticks in sustainable materials.

Charity Medals

Custom Charity Medals

Scimitar’s custom charity medals are renowned for their outstanding quality.

Nothing recognises the achievement of your charity event’s participants better than a unique, custom medal. Scimitar’s talented creative team will help you bring your custom charity medals to life when you supply us with either a sketch, picture or a physical item to replicate.


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