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Charity Giveaway Announcement


£2K Charity Giveaway Announcement

The £2k Charity Giveaway results are in.

With over 1,000 total entries in 2021, we’ve seen the biggest set of entries ever for the Scimitar £2K Charity Giveaway. As part of this announcement, we’re delighted to be giving away THREE prizes to charities during these tough times for the fundraising and charity sector.

With the formalities out of the way, we can reveal and congratulate the £2K winners of our prize as:

1st Place: Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal

Here’s a little bit more information on our 2021 winners, who take home the £2,000 sportswear credit.

Established in 1995, The Grand Appeal is the Bristol Children’s Hospital charity. From the very moment a child or young adult enters Bristol Children’s Hospital, The Grand Appeal is here for them. They’re here for the families as well, who find themselves – often unexpectedly – in one of the scariest situations a parent or carer can go through.

After hearing of their win, Meg Palmer at Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal said: “We are delighted to have won the Scimitar Charity Sportswear Giveaway. Times have been tough for us as a charity recently, but we’re looking forward to resuming our fundraising events and welcoming more supporters on board.

“Thanks to Scimitar, our supporters will now have the kit they need to raise money for sick children and their families at Bristol Children’s Hospital. We are very grateful.”

We can’t wait to work with the team at the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal to utilise their new budget for fundraising sportswear and other branding.

The runners up in our £2K Charity Giveaway were as follows:

2nd Place: Sport In Mind

Our first runners up are Sport In Mind, who get £500 credit towards their next sportswear and promotional item order.

Sport in Mind is the UK mental health sports charity that uses sport and physical activity to improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems and combat suicide.

Scimitar spoke to Sport in Mind’s Paul Owen OBE, who told us: “The Scimitar Charity Giveaway came at just the right time to help Sport in Mind support the community as Britain climbs out of the global pandemic.  

“With this in mind, we’re delighted to be a winner and look forward to working with Scimitar to create some merchandise with the prize!”

3rd Place: National Trust

National Trust picked up third place in the giveaway, receiving a £250 credit for their next sportswear and branding order.

A pretty familiar name to UK families, the National Trust is a charity and membership organisation for heritage conservation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The goal for this organisation is to carry on the ambition set out by the Trust founders to care for nature, beauty and history.

Catherine Cook, Active Outdoors Programme Co-ordinator at the National Trust, said: “We are delighted to receive £250 of credit towards purchasing fundraising sportswear. As a charity, we are always grateful to receive contributions that help support our cause. Thank you so much for this!”

Thank you to every charity who entered the giveaway. As the UK’s leading supplier of custom sportswear to the charity sector, we are always looking at ways to engage and help fundraisers, particularly during these difficult times.

It’s been the hardest period of time for a number of charities and we are aware that, unfortunately, not every charity will resume operations when fundraising events return in the latter half of 2021.

That’s why we’re committed to offering the best products at the best possible charity prices, as well as leading the way on initiatives such as recycled options, carbon offsetting and true product innovation. We take our position as the UK’s top charity sportswear supplier seriously; we treat it with the respect and investment it deserves.

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