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Charity Sportswear & Promotional Items

It’s the time of the year where we begin to hear from our charity partners for their 2020 charity sportswear & promotional item orders.

When it comes to sportswear & promotional items for charity fundraising events, we’re proud to be the UK’s specialists. With years of experience working with charities of all sizes, we’ve established a reputation as the UK’s leading charity sportswear supplier.

Fundraisers wear their charity running vests, t-shirts or cycling jerseys proudly both in the run-up to the event and for the big day. It’s a big way for them to show association with a charity, and to begin the fundraising journey on social media months before the actual event.

That’s why the Scimitar mantra is to make charity sportswear that is highly comfortable at all duration types, and to survive plenty of washes and rugged terrain, to allow fundraisers to continue promoting and marketing your charity well after the event has passed. 

I personally ran a marathon back in 2017, and felt firsthand the negatives of a cheaply made charity running t-shirt, and while I didn’t suffer from the worst kind of chaffing (picture a white running vest absolutely drenched in blood), I was in a relative amount of discomfort for the ensuing days. It shouldn’t be something that has to be considered, and is something we’ve worked hard to make sure doesn’t with our products.

Charity Sportswear Running Vest T-Shirts

Over the years, we’ve built upon our offering significantly with unrivalled production capabilities, unmatched product quality and the introduction of our innovative, industry-first approach to sustainability.

That’s why we are focusing our attention on providing charities with a recycled fabric that can be utilised across the range. From our core introduction of running vests, technical t-shirts and cycling jerseys to our current work to produce recycled leggings, shorts and much, much more, we are working hard to allow charities to offer their fundraisers a product that is of retail quality, offers perfect branding and is a better option for the environment.

We price up charity sportswear & promotional items orders individually to offer charities the best price we possibly can. This means that for a charity placing a hybrid order across sportswear and promotional items (such as cheer sticks, cotton t-shirts or flutter flags), the overall price will be much better.

Plus, it kind of goes without saying – one complete charity order from one supplier is much, much easier to manage!

Interested in finding out more about our charity sportswear & promotional items? Call us on 01905 425324, email or fill in the form by clicking below.
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