Try Our Custom Kit Builder raise over £400,000 with Ride Africa raised a fantastic £417,423.29 in 2022 as part of their annual event ‘Ride Africa. 

A small but punchy global health charity, work with communities and health authorities in Kenya to provide life-saving maternal and child health information and services to mums and babies. 

Last year, 100 people took part in Ride Africa, which takes place in Kenya.’s team start in Amboseli National Park and then cycle through two of Kenya’s biggest national parks; Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Afterwards they make their way to the coast, staying in Malindi before finishing in Mombasa.

On their 2022 expedition, the cyclists, donning their Scimitar cycling jerseys, came across lions, elephants, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, hippo, striped hyena, ostrich, impala, dik dik, camels, Thompson Gazelle and more!

Communications & Fundraising Officer Hattie Rowan said: “What was so exciting about the ride was that we passed these animals in the open, and in most national parks in Kenya it is forbidden to leave the vehicle. 

“Other unforgettable experiences included elephants coming to our hotels at breakfast, families of elephants bathing in the watering hole in front of our lodge, crocodiles being fed within metres of us, a secret dugout which meant being a metre close to some elephants, swimming in the Indian Ocean after a long day cycling, and swimming in pools overlooking long stretches of the savanna. It was an incredible experience and everyone did a great job raising funds to support those in need in Kenya.” 

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