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Club Spotlight: Jesmond Joggers

Running together and achieving together, we spoke to Jesmond Joggers about the fundamentals of operating a running club.

In the running community of Newcastle Upon Tyne, the Jesmond Joggers stand out not just for their achievements on the track but also for how they have fostered a friendly and supportive atmosphere. As the proud supplier of the Jesmond Joggers’ club kit, we spoke to the club to try and gain a deeper insight into the club and its culture.

Founding and Growth:

The Jesmond Joggers were founded in 2006 with a clear purpose—to provide a running club for Jesmond Pool. Over the years, the club has flourished from its modest beginnings of 20 members to a thriving community of over 200 running enthusiasts. The driving force behind this growth was none other than the club’s founder and now Honorary member, Scott Armstrong.

The club’s journey has been marked by numerous triumphs, from the women winning a bronze medal at the North East XC Championships in 2019 to achieving back-to-back promotions in the NE Harrier XC League. A standout moment was the women finishing third in Division 1 during the 2022/23 season. However, the true highlight for Jesmond Joggers lies in the exponential growth of the club while maintaining its friendly and supportive ethos.

Acknowledgments and aspirations.

Behind every successful club is a dedicated team, and the Jesmond Joggers are no exception. Simon, the club chair, gives special mention to the invaluable contributions of the committee, particularly club captain Kate Black and club secretary David Newman. They are the unsung heroes who keep the club running seamlessly.

Looking ahead, the club aspires to continue providing a supportive and friendly atmosphere where members can achieve their individual targets. The club takes pride in being one of the friendliest clubs around, emphasising the importance of camaraderie and mutual support among its members.

Working with Scimitar.

In 2018, the club teamed up with Scimitar to revamp their running club kit. When asked about his experience with Scimitar, Simon expressed his satisfaction, noting specifically that Scimitar delivered a modern, clear design that remains fresh to this day. The distinctive kit not only reflects the club’s identity but also ensures they stand out on the track. Simon added, “Scimitar are great to deal with and our vests and racing t-shirts are amazing quality”.

Thinking of starting your own running club?

As a custom sportswear supplier, we want to promote all sports sectors and encourage people to increase their participation. Have you ever wanted to start your own running club? Well, we asked Simon if he had any advice for people wanting to start up their own successful running club.

He emphasised the importance of defining the club’s purpose, establishing a clear ethos and culture, and fostering a robust social side. Jesmond Joggers’ commitment to building a positive culture is exemplified as they host their very own social events and gatherings.

The Jesmond Joggers is more than a running club; it’s a community that thrives on shared goals, mutual support, and a friendly ethos. Scimitar Custom is proud to be a part of their journey, providing a high-quality kit that reflects the spirit of Jesmond Joggers as they continue to run together, achieve together, and leave an indelible mark on the running scene in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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