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Custom Workwear: A Technical Edge

Technical clothing brings unique benefits to various sectors and sports, including the working environment.

Scimitar takes pride in delivering workwear and apparel for numerous businesses across the UK. It comes as no surprise that your employees have a substantial influence on how your company is perceived by its customers.

The quality and professionalism of the apparel have a significant impact on your company’s overall branding and image, as well as the comfort and sense of value it provides to your employees in the workplace.

The attire of your employees is often the first thing that people notice about your company, and it can leave a lasting impression on clients and partners alike. Scimitar have taken time to build a product range that we believe covers all the aspects you need to develop your professional branding.

Polo Shirts: A well-crafted polo shirt is a versatile addition to your workwear collection. You can find these shirts, available here. They are perfect for creating a professional yet comfortable look for your employees. Whether you’re hosting a conference or meeting with clients, polo shirts are a timeless classic.

Cotton T-Shirts: For a more relaxed and casual approach, custom cotton t-shirts like the ones found here are an excellent choice. They offer breathability and comfort while still projecting a professional image. Perfect for casual Fridays or company outings.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies: When the weather turns chilly, custom sweatshirts and hoodies (SweatshirtsHoodies) can keep your employees warm and comfortable. They are not only professional but also allow your team to showcase your brand with pride.

Padded Gilets and Jackets: For employees working in cold or wet conditions, padded gilets (Gilets) and jackets (Jackets) provide insulation and protection. These items ensure your employees can focus on their tasks without worrying about the weather.

Dress Shirts: When a formal appearance is crucial, custom dress shirts are a must. Scimitar’s collection of corporate dress shirts (Dress Shirts) offers impeccable style and fit, making your employees look sharp and professional in any business setting.

Sustainable Coffee Cups: Enhancing your brand isn’t limited to clothing alone. Sustainable coffee cups (Sustainable Coffee Cups) branded with your company’s logo are perfect for promoting eco-friendly practices while keeping your team energised throughout the day.

Backpacks and Lanyards: Customised accessories like backpacks (Backpacks) and lanyards (Lanyards) are excellent for improving employee convenience and security. They create a sense of unity and belonging within your organisation.

By investing in custom workwear and accessories, you can convey a strong and professional image while ensuring your employees feel valued and comfortable. This not only boosts the confidence and morale of your team but also leaves a positive and lasting impression on your clients and partners.

Scimitar offers a wide range of custom workwear and accessories to help your company stand out. The quality and professionalism of your employees’ apparel can significantly impact your brand’s image. So why not choose custom clothing and accessories to elevate your company’s presence and your team’s satisfaction? With Scimitar, you’re one step closer to achieving both.

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