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Customised Flags and Banners for Professional Sports

Supporters flags and pitch banners for professional sports teams.

While custom sportswear and logos play a pivotal role in branding, one often overlooked aspect is custom flags and banners. From supporter hand flags to pitch banners, Scimitar produces a complete range of custom flags and banners to cater for all events.

Visibility and recognition.

Custom flags and banners act as powerful branding tools. When displayed at sporting events, tournaments, or even on your club’s social media, they capture the attention of fans and passersby. Scimitar offers high-quality printing, ensuring that your logos and designs are vivid and eye-catching.


A customised flag or banner demonstrates professionalism and commitment to your team or company’s brand. It conveys the message that you pay attention to every detail of your brand representation, which can impress potential sponsors, partners, and fans. Scimitar Custom’s attention to detail ensures that your customised flags and banners maintain a professional appearance.

Engagement and fan loyalty.

Engaging with fans is a crucial aspect of sports culture. Custom flags and banners offer an interactive element, encouraging fans to wave them, take photos with them, and even share these moments on social media. This engagement not only creates a stronger bond between fans and your brand but also creates a more memorable moment.


Sports branding goes beyond just the game. Our customised flags and banners have been designed to be versatile when it comes to the type of sporting event. Their versatility allows you to promote your brand in a wide range of settings, expanding your reach and influence.

Tailored to your brand.

One of the most significant advantages of working with Scimitar Custom is the ability to tailor your flags and banners to fit your brand identity perfectly. You can choose from a variety of materials, sizes, and finishing options to ensure your customised products align with your brand’s aesthetic. This level of customisation allows you to stand out from the competition.

Increased sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsors are more likely to be attracted to sports teams and companies that have a strong and professional brand presence. Custom flags and banners can be a valuable asset when negotiating sponsorship deals. The increased visibility they offer can make your event more appealing to potential sponsors.

Scimitar has spent time developing a full range of customisable sporting event products, from corporate events to professional stadium branding, we’ve got flags and banners for you.

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