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Cycling: The Forefront of Sport Innovation

Everything in cycling is designed to make the most of every marginal gain.
Through aerodynamic research and advances in materials development, the equipment used in cycling in recent decades has developed alarmingly to produce fascinating advances in the field.
From bike frames to brake systems, helmets to cycling shoes – every aspect of the kit involved with cycling is examined over again by companies in the cycling industry.
Technology for cycling kit has also come a long way. From loser fitting jersey sported even by cycling greats such as Eddie Mercx, to the highly developed jerseys and bib shorts that contour the body and make the most of the wicking and compression capabilities of the kit they have.
In the recent Grand Tour races and the Olympics, the features in the kit that were showcased across the board were phenomenal. Sculptured panelling with different fabrics in the jerseys ensure high wicking capabilities across the torso while using more robust Lycra fabrics across the shoulders to help protect against road rash in the event of a crash.
What’s more, looking across to the women’s elite cycling sector, kit manufacturers and retailers are making the most of the high tech printing methods available to them. The design for the Canyon SRAM Women’s Cycling Team kit is certainly eye catching and makes the most of sublimation printing that means they’re talked about for their performance and savvy style.
Looking to our own bespoke cycling kits, we’ve looked to incorporate these elements for our clients. We’ve recently worked with Torq Performance Teams to develop their team kit with the best features to ensure their kit performs as well as the team does.

What really constitutes elite cycle kit?

Obviously cyclists are looking for a great fit from their kit but what makes it a great fit; surely there are more factors than merely the pattern.
Premium fabrics that are both functionality and feel fantastic are essential for giving an elite feel to any cycling kit. Contrasting materials and panelling that contours the body precisely goes further than your standard cycle jersey to give something that feels special to wear.
Ensuring the features of the cycling kit are developed properly as well are key aspects of giving an overall elite feel to the jersey. If you overlook the quality of the zip and it falters after 6 rides by pulling apart, the investments made in fabric and pattern development are almost pointless if the individual aspects of the kit do not function to their best capacity.
Using the latest in product development for our elite cycle jerseys, we have experimented with our bespoke elite cycling kit to provide some of the best customised cycling kit on the market. With sublimation printing available across the board, you’ll be sure to receive something every club or team member will love.
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