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As we celebrate Earth Day 2022, it’s important to reiterate the importance of global warming awareness. is presenting the Earth Day Climate Action Summit, which looks at the requirement to reach net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050. It’s part of a wider scheme to ensure that the balance with nature is restored for future generations. 

Earth Day should be a chance to celebrate nature and everything that is associated with it. Together, we can avoid it becoming a mourning.

We take our responsibility as a sportswear manufacturer seriously.

Over the past 18 months, we have been responsible for the planting of over 4,500 trees, in both high-impact international preservation areas and in designated land on the west coast of Scotland. Working with our partner Ecologi, our significant investment has had a global impact, which has seen Scimitar help fund:

  • The first ever wind turbine power units installed in Honduras, plus the installation of new units in Mexico.
  • The generation of clean electricity from hydropower in India.
  • The preservation of Amazonian rainforest in Brazil.
  • The protection of old-growth rainforest in Madre de Dios, Peru.

With the support of these projects we have offset 318 tonnes of CO₂e to date, which has helped us establish and remain carbon zero status for our UK operations and head office staff (including a personal allowance for each team members).

But that’s not all, and we’re not stopping there.

We can count a number of high-profile environmental charities amongst our clients, such as WWF. By working with these conservation organisations, and providing eco-friendly, sustainable solutions to their own fundraising requirements, we are shifting the balance of what’s possible.

From the production of 100% recycled charity running vests to eco-friendly packaging and self-sufficient storage, we’re working hard with our clients to become the UK’s top sustainable sportswear supplier.

We will continue to invest in the development of sustainable custom sportswear and promotional items, helping each and every client make the relatively easy migration to a more sustainable option for their custom apparel.

Want to do your bit on #EarthDay2022? You can donate to the Scimitar Forest and help contribute towards our carbon offsetting initiatives.

Explore our forest and donate trees here.

To find out more about our sector-first sustainable initiatives, explore our Recycle, Reduce, RepurposeOffset and WearThenShare™ projects.


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