F45 Online Training Partnership: Exclusive Offer

F45 Online Training Scimitar Partnership

Scimitar has teamed up with internationally acclaimed F45 Training Gloucester Quays to help deliver an online workout solution to help meet your health and fitness goals.

We’re always looking at ways of offering our clients unrivalled support and great deals, particularly during these unprecedented times.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with F45 Training, a global fitness community based on functional training principles.

Combining high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and cutting-edge fitness with workout science, their workouts are fast, fun and results-driven.

Numerous studies report that the majority of those who don’t exercise regularly cite a lack of time as the main reason. A shorter, high-intensity workout can be the ideal option for those who want to reap the full benefits of regular exercise without spending long hours working out.

F45 Training Gloucester Quays offers its members access to guided 45-minute workout sessions which can help them burn up to 750 calories. The functional training at the core of the workout guarantees that the exercises mimic natural muscle movements, thus stimulating muscle growth and improving overall fitness.

Since having to close down their studio due to the COVID-19 outbreak, F45 Training Gloucester Quays have moved their services online and are now delivering live workouts (F45Live) to those based at home and who want to make the most of a spare 45 minutes in their day.

More excitingly F45, isn’t just a gym. It’s a community. Its mission is to change lives around the word and make fitness accessible to all. With F45Live, you can stay fit, healthy and connected to your F45 family, all from the comfort of your own home.


Scimitar customers are now eligible for the Scimitar Client Package for just £10 per week, a 55% reduction off F45’s standard online membership prices.

That’s unlimited access to personal training for just £10 per week! You can even try them out for free using the One-Day-Trial before making a commitment. There are no joining fees and no minimum contract lengths, so you have complete flexibility over your training and finances.

Interested? Click below to get started.

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