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Filthy Girl Mudrun & Party: The Inaugural Event

What could be better than the combination of OCR and a huge party?
Let’s set the scene. It’s the weekend of 19-21 August, in the grounds of a country house in Derbyshire.
Over 1000 girls took part in Filthy Girl Mudrun & Party, an inclusive OCR with a focus on female competition and, well, a huge afterparty! Imagine a cross between a festival weekend and an obstacle course and you’ll be along the right sort of lines.
Beginning on Friday with light entertainment and a few chilled out drinks, the main event (both sides of it) took place on Saturday. The run was a choice between a 5K or a 10K of moderate difficulty, with Jessie Pavelka (of TV fame) taking charge of the warmups.

Let the games begin!

With the event now complete, it was time for participants and spectators to let their hair down, quite literally! The afterparty compromised a few different arenas, including the DJ Arena headlined by none other than Scott Mills of Radio One fame. Sunday would quickly come around, marking the end of the inaugural Filthy Girls event.
Filthy Girl Mudrun

Our Solution

So, how do we fit in to the Filthy Girl Mudrun? Well, we are proud to have manufactured the stunning OCR t-shirts and medals for this event.
Built for the durability of the event, Filthy Girl Mudrun OCR shirts are printed using our high-performance sublimation technique and reputable Qwick-Dri™ wicking fabric. the OCR shirts were extremely well received, and we’ve seen a wide range of positive comments so far.
The shirts were, in essence, of multiple purposes. It was perfect for the event, and the ultimate memento. Each and every participant received a technical tee, and we are looking forward to seeing more and more pictures of them in use over the next few weeks!
If you’re currently planning an OCR event, make sure you come to the experts for your custom shirts, medals and promotional items.
Like all new events, teething problems are unavoidable. It’s impossible to foresee certain circumstances before they present themselves! What we do know is that Filthy Girl will improve and grow every year, and it’s a fantastic event for a group of friends who fancy a weekend away.
Bristol is the next venue for the Filthy Girl Mudrun & Party series, across the 2-4 September.
Interested in taking part? Tickets are now available for 2017, where you can secure your ‘Early Bird’ discount!


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