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Nothing beats receiving finisher t-shirts for completing a running, cycling or triathlon event. 
Over the past 18 months, we’ve become the definitive ‘go-to’ company in the UK for finisher t-shirts within the events sector. Whether that’s for marathon runners, OCR events or triathlons, nothing beats giving your participants a vibrant t-shirt to showcase their success.
Think about the marketing potential for the event; there’ll be a period of 4-6 weeks after the end of the event where participants will treat their finisher t-shirt as an inseparable friend! As it’s proudly paraded down the streets of towns and cities up and down the UK, your event is suddenly thrust into the face of thousands of people.
Not to mention the Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat selfies!
With the marketing potential in mind, you want the quality to be portrayed easily. Don’t be fooled into thinking that saving a little bit here and there will save you in the long haul. You spend thousands of hours preparing and marketing your event(s), and don’t want to be let down by remarks, photos and videos after the end of the event. In fact, we’re pretty sure you want the opposite!
That’s where our perfect combination comes in.
Scimitar’s premium Qwick-Dri™ wicking material, a premium sublimation printing process and our highly knowledgable, resourceful Account Managers. We will help design finisher t-shirts for your event that will stand out, and will make participants feel even greater about their achievement.
By opting for sublimation, you’re eliminating the obvious risk with screen/water print that images and text will eventually peel off after a number of uses. With the ink directly infused with the fabric, there’s no visible residue, no textured finish and a long lasting marketing campaign for your event. The vibrancy of sublimation is unbeatable, so you can create a finisher t-shirt that is bursting with colour and showcases sponsor logos perfectly.
If you’re organising an event and would like to find out more about our finisher t-shirts, get in touch with the team today. We’re more than happy to show you examples of our stunning work, and to arrange sampling if you’d like to see the difference for your next event.
Over the past 12 months, we’ve provided finisher t-shirts to OCR events, marathons, half-marathons, 5K & 10K events, triathlons, mud-runs and cycling events, just to name a few!
You can submit an enquiry through the online forms, email the team at or call us on 01905 425324.


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