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Fuel Intensity with Handheld Supporters Flags

Big sporting occasions need big atmospheres.
Our custom hand flags are designed for sporting teams and associations to provide a cheap memento for spectators to help fuel the intensity of a fixture, providing a colourful sea of support visible in photos and on television.
Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of high-profile sporting teams from all sectors – football, rugby union, rugby league and motorsport to name a few. Each time, we’ve been tasked with developing tens of thousands of custom hand flags for supporters to wave during the game.
The trick to these is in the quality of the product. While not an expensive outlay, the vibrant colours we guarantee at Scimitar ensure that sports teams are represented flawlessly. Colours are vibrant and logos are perfect.
If you’re watching a sporting final on television, you’re likely to see flags being waved by fans in support and anticipation of seeing their team. Likewise, you’ll see the opposition team supporters passionately waving crest-adorned flags to fuel the intensity of the game. Derby game? Even more so!
Where are we going with this? For sporting events, Scimitar are the perfect supplier of custom handheld flags for sports teams. With a wide range of sizes available, we’re proud suppliers to a wide range of top clubs and associations, and can to provide a highly competitive quote from 1,000 units through to a season-lasting 500,000 units.
With Scimitar, first-class account management is delivered as standard.
To find out more about our handheld supporters flags, call the team on 01905 425324, email us at sales@scimitarsports.com or use the enquiry buttons/live chat on this website to get going.

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