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Sticking to this year’s New Year resolutions? Well, if so we have another one for you to add to your list. This year we want to promote environmentally concision decisions in all sectors, whether it’s motorsport or mass participation, join us this year in going sustainable In 2024.

The power to deliver goods and services to our customers in a sustainable manner is one of the core principles behind Scimitar and something we are hugely proud of.

However, we appreciate it isn’t always that easy. That’s why we are on a mission to make sustainable options widely accessible, and this doesn’t just apply to sportswear, yep, you heard that right.

So with a new year here, it’s time to introduce our all-new flags and banners brochure with a range of our flags now available in sustainable options.

Tear Drop Flags

Featuring a durable click-together frame the Scimitar Tear Drop Flag utilises full sublimation print to offer unlimited colours, logos, and branding to make it unique. In addition to the option of sustainable material, this flag also comes with the option of either a ground spike, cross base, car tyre footing or plastic water fill base.

Feather Flags

Similarly to the Tear Drop Flag, the Scimitar Feather Flag offers full sublimation print for complete customisation and branding. However, when it comes to size the Feather Flag offers more flexibility with them coming in 2.6m, 3m, 4.1m, and lastly 5m. Designed with quality in mind, these will be ready for anything.

Eyelet Banners

Finally, we introduce our Eyelet Banners which are now available in recycled material, offering a sustainable option. These are made with a resilient, anti-tear fabric suited perfectly for all-weather usage making it the perfect addition with versatility in mind. Offering full Pantone matched sublimation print with a range of finish types it is clear why this is a best seller.

By adding these products to your event this year you will not only be adding durability and quality to your event but the added benefit of being environmentally conscious in a time where it is 100% necessary.

If you are looking to level up your approach to professional branding, whether you’re a club, a charity, or an event, we can help you. Download one of our BRAND NEW Flags & Banners brochures today and explore our vast range of products, upgrades, and materials by clicking HERE.


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