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Ideas for Your Rugby Tour Kit: 2020 Update

We all know how exciting it is to go on tour with your teammates. Particularly if you’ve been lucky enough to secure a foreign excursion.

At Scimitar, our dedicated team is brimming with passionate rugby fans, current players & ex-players. That’s why when it comes to designing tour kit for rugby clubs, we go the extra mile!

Firstly, a bit of housekeeping.

At the moment, you won’t find a stock 3D designer on our website. All of our professional designs are crafted by our experienced in-house creative team, who work closely with you to create the perfect tour kit for your team’s requirements.

Sure, a generic suit & tie tour kit may look okay, but how can a bespoke solution like ours offer a more tailored solution for your club? Here are a few ideas of making that next custom tour kit even more special!

Local Landmarks.

A trend we’ve seen lately is for clubs to include local landmarks as part of the design. For example, a Tyne & Wear-based club may look to include the Angel of the North, while a London-based club may include the London Eye or Westminster Abbey.

That being said, It doesn’t have to be a world famous landmark. Is your local town well known for the chip shop down the road? Amazing! Why not speak to them and see if they’d like to get involved in a fun and creative design? You have the potential to monetise the rugby tour jerseys further.

Players Names.

If your club has been around for a while, a nice touch would be to create a rugby tour kit that includes the names of all those that have graced the jerseys of your team.

Our design team would be able to incorporate the names into the design of the jersey in some form or other, depending on how subtle you’d like to make them. That’s the beauty of bespoke designs – working closely with the design team, it’s completely up to you on how you want them to look.

Not only would this style pay homage to those who have helped sustain your club over the years but it offers a true memento for you once the tour is over, and would look brilliant in a frame on the living room wall! Hint, hint.

Historic Kits.

If your club is celebrating a centenary, a clever idea would be to incorporate a half/half design tour kit which contains elements of both an old and the current design for your tour. While you could make the shirt look like it’s been stitched or forced together, the fact it’s sublimation print would mean it would function to our typical high standards.

Depending on the history of your club, there may be some interesting concepts that arise! Maybe a couple of kits that were purposely forgotten about? Dig them out, design them up and never forget!

Celebrate Achievements.

Won the cup or promotion this year? It’s usually something you’ll never forget. By incorporating memories of the season into the rugby tour shirt, you have a memento to take on tour that will help lock in those memories.

Here’s an idea for you. How about you take the team picture to a caricature, and ask them to turn your team into a funky cartoon. If we receive artwork in digital vector format, we’d be able to turn this into a kit you’d definitely never forget!

Go Crazy!

A lot of clubs follow the Stade Français rule when it comes to kit design – the crazier, the better. That’s not a problem, we can help with that!

Give our team of designers a concept and a palette and we’ll go as mad as you want us to on your behalf. Alternatively, provide us with a couple of examples of things you’ve seen and allow us to craft you perfection.

Whatever you decide for this season’s rugby tour kit, make sure you get a quote from Scimitar, the tour kit specialists.

You can call us on 01905 425324, email or fill in the forms on the website for more information. To check out the specification of our tour kit, click here.


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