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Let’s be honest, team tour jerseys are more than just about representing your squad, whether it’s hockey tour jerseys, rugby tour jerseys, or even football tour jerseys—they’re a statement, an expression, and a way to stand out.

Do you recall those basic, off-the-shelf tour kits? It’s time to bid them farewell and welcome the era of sublimation print, a modern printing technique offering limitless design possibilities for your team’s tour attire. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can craft sportswear that truly captures the essence of your team’s journey?

Local Landmarks

Why not combine the location of your town or city and combine local landmarks into your tour kit? The best thing is, that it doesn’t even have to be serious. Have a favourite club, bar, or even takeaway in your local area? Why not incorporate it into your tour kit to really turn some heads.

Let your rugby tour gear not only represent your team on the field but become a conversation starter. A rugby tour is more than a game; it’s an opportunity to forge unforgettable memories.

Fancy dress jerseys

Dressing smart on a tour looks great, we agree. But not everything has to be serious, let your imagination go crazy and create a fancy-dress football tour jersey. Whether you want the shirt to look like a suit itself or you go completely crazy and have a Santa jacket printed on the outside. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to sublimation, whatever the design, we can bring it to life.

The sublimation kits we offer guarantee a durable, fade-free, and crack-free print, ensuring your tour memories don’t simply fade away. Wear it during training sessions or social events, or proudly display it as a souvenir.

Club heroes and legends

What sets our custom designs apart is their sheer uniqueness. Tailored exclusively for your club, we can help you mark your tour in memory of club legends and players to really make the trip special. How about incorporating players’ names or even nicknames to make it specific to each team mate.

Going beyond the ordinary, our bespoke designs infuse your tour kit with a distinct personality. Whether you prefer a classic, time-honoured design or something boldly unconventional, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

Bring it to life.

Don’t settle for standard options; choose Scimitar for your tour shirts. Our devoted team of passionate designers work tirelessly to ensure your team’s tour kit stands out. Alternatively, unleash your inner designer with our Kit Builder function, allowing you to easily customise our templates.

Ready to take your tour kit to the next level? Get in touch with our team today by contacting us at, and let’s transform those design dreams into a reality for your upcoming tour!


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