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New Product Launch: Lightweight Race Vests

Elevate your running experience with our brand new range of Custom Race Vests.

In the relentless pursuit of perfecting running attire, Scimitar has truly transformed the running experience with their state-of-the-art Lightweight Race Vests. Our dedicated team of Garment Technologists has joined forces with elite marathon runners to create a range of exceptional running vests, meticulously tailored for racing.

The objective was crystal clear: to design running vests that not only enhance performance but also seamlessly complement traditional club vests, offering runners an unparalleled advantage on the track.

What distinguishes these running vests is their ability to make you forget you’re even wearing them, allowing you to concentrate solely on the race at hand. Through meticulous engineering and a profound understanding of runners’ needs, these vests have been fashioned to provide an unmatched sense of weightlessness, enabling you to fully engage in your stride.

Launched as our flagship offering, the custom racing vests have already emerged as a firm favourite, celebrated for their unparalleled performance. With the men’s medium weighing in at a mere 42g, it stands as one of the lightest custom running vests available in the UK market.

Custom Race Running Vests

The meticulous attention to detail extends beyond the lightweight design, as these vests are available in both men’s and women’s sizes, each boasting an engineered fit that promises prolonged comfort and optimal performance, regardless of the distance you’re conquering.

One of the pillars of our Running Race Vests is the innovative heat-sealed seams. These seams not only contribute to the remarkable lightness of the product but also eliminate the risk of chafing—a critical consideration when embarking on marathons or ultra-distance runs.

The reduction of traditional stitching not only aids in weight reduction but also ensures that discomfort won’t impede you from reaching your running goals.

The HexKnit mesh fabric is where comfort and technology flawlessly converge. This exclusive fabric has been expertly designed and meticulously constructed to cater specifically to the demands of high-performance running.

The primary function of HexKnit is to facilitate rapid wicking of sweat and moisture, thereby keeping runners perpetually cool, composed, and comfortable, regardless of the intensity of their run.

Scimitar’s Custom Race Vests are more than just garments; they are a culmination of innovation, collaboration, and a profound understanding of the runner’s mindset. These vests empower you to surge ahead with unwavering focus, unburdened by excess weight or discomfort.

As you strive for your personal best, let Scimitar’s Lightweight Race Vests be your steadfast companions, propelling you towards new frontiers of running excellence.

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