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Patrick Traylor – 52 events in 52 weeks

Patrick Traylor is almost there.

The Scot, who lives in Salisbury has been travelling around the UK, completing an event every weekend throughout 2022, to raise crucial funds for Youth Sport Trust.

From Ironmans to 5Ks, Patrick has complete an array of challenging events, and has just two more events to go to complete an amazing year.

As he approaches this incredible milestone, we caught up with Paddy to ask him what has got him through some daunting events and experiences over the past 12 months.

How tough has it been?!

“It’s been tough but it’s hard to put into words the scale of that toughness. Getting out of bed some mornings can be tough but then also an Ironman is tough! Most people ask how I haven’t been injured or how my body is feeling, but to be honest that is the bit I am comfortable with. Mentally it has been tougher than physically. I genuinely think if all I had to do was training and do the events then it would be reasonably plain-sailing. But the logistics and the attempted promotion of it on social media etc has been the draining part. My body can do anything, my mind needs more support!”

Have you ever considered giving up?

“Never once have I thought about giving up the whole challenge. I’ve had one moment on my bike during Celtman that I’d had enough. I was 160km into the ride, which was the furthest I’ve ever ridden my bike, with 40km to go and there was a stonking headwind. I was averaging about 10kph and it felt pointless. I thought I would be quicker getting off and walking. At that moment a few things went through my head.

“Those things were:

  1. My very close friends and support crew that day were waiting for me at the bike finish (200km) who had given so much effort and time for me that I couldn’t let them down.
  2. My parents were there, who are two of the most hardworking and stoic people I know. I know where I get my determination from.
  3. I chose to do this, I wanted to find my limit. (Looking back now, this was not my limit and I’ve got so much more to give!)
  4. Finally this is what the challenge is about, Resilience in children. Fundamentally every child should have the opportunities that sport and physical activity give. I genuinely feel resilience is one of, if not the most, important skill/attribute that sport gives you. If someone who is raising money for a great charity, that offers children opportunities in sport, is willing to quit when it gets tough, then what are you doing it for?

“Apart from that moment on the bike, the thought has seriously never crossed my mind to give up. Yes there have been times that I’m a bit ‘over it’ during the week, and my training has definitely tapered off over the past three months, but as soon as I hit Friday evening, I get so excited to do an event. I get to go and do an event every weekend with friends and family in different places. What is not to enjoy about that?! I don’t know what I’m going to do next year!”

Have you encountered many problems during your races?

“You’d think after 48 events I would have my pre-race nutrition and ritual dialled in….wrong! I will spare the details but I was signed up to do a half marathon a couple of weeks ago, and I genuinely thought I wouldn’t get it done.

“There were two turning points in the event that could have made it shorter. I had no energy, my stomach was doing somersaults and I felt the worst I had felt during an event. I was going through an internal battle of ‘just do the short route, you’ve done 48 events already’ versus ‘don’t let this be the first event you don’t deliver on your goal, complete the full distance’. Well, the optimist in me won. I managed to pull the body through the half and was so happy to finish it off! My stomach wasn’t too pleased for the next 48 hours though!”

What has inspired you throughout this year of events?

“Simply, my parents. Firstly, they are some of the hardest working, unassuming, friendly people I know. I genuinely haven’t ever experienced them putting themselves first in front of anyone. Also their work ethic and their desire to help people is amazing. There’s a running joke in the family that ‘where did my brother and I get our sporting genes from’ but the simple answer is we got our driven genes from our parents and we’ve used that drive to put it into sport!

“My parents have also given me every and any opportunity that I wanted as a child. I tried so many different sports and activities and they were always giving us experiences that I’ll never forget. Unfortunately not every child gets that, so that’s why I wanted to help support Youth Sport Trust who are putting in great work to provide children with these opportunities.”

What will it mean to you to cross the finish line after that 52nd event in 52 weeks?!

“Personally it will mean a hell of a lot that people won’t understand. I feel like an imposter sometimes. I have a bit of a reputation for being someone who is a grafter and happy to work hard and push myself. But personally, I feel I don’t always justify this title. This challenge is as much me proving to me that I can set myself an audacious goal and put everything towards it and come out proud of myself. This has shown me that my body is incredible and it can withstand anything I have thrown at it……so far! I feel this challenge will continue to spark the adventurous nature in me and want me to do more!

“It’s been great fun and most importantly we’ve raised some vital funds for Youth Sport Trust. I hope through my efforts it will make a difference to a number of youngsters and encourage them to take up and enjoy sport just like many of us who have been lucky enough to have these opportunities.”

You can donate to Paddy’s fundraising for Youth Sport Trust by clicking here.

Paddy’s Results

Format: Date, race/venue, distance, time, finishing position.

  1. January 1 – Portobello Park Run, Edinburgh, 5km, 22m, 57/335
  2. January 8 – Resolution Trail Run at Staunton Country Park, Hampshire 15km, 1h19, 54/230
  3. January 15 – Itchen Valley Country Park Park Run 5km, 25m, 11/94
  4. January 23 – Romsey 5-miler, 34m, 54/680
  5. January 29 – Maverick Race New Forest 20km, 1h 55, 133/234
  6. January 30 – Longleat 10km, 48m, 136/906
  7. February 5 – Southampton Common Park Run 5km, 29m, 457/793
  8. February 12 – Wiltshire 10-miler, 1h 16, 122/351
  9. February 20 – Winchester 10km, 44m, 97/893
  10. February 26 – Hard Yards 10-miler, 1h 38, 99/187
  11. March 6 – Hullavington (Wiltshire) 20-miler, 2h 55, 33/72
  12. March 20 – Buccaneer Duathlon, New Forest, Hampshire, Run 10km, Cycle 35km, Run 5km, 2h18, 12/60
  13. March 26 – St Andrews (Scotland) Park Run 5km, 23m, 36/199
  14. April 3 – Salisbury 10-miler, 72m, 168/746
  15. April 9 – Glorious Gravel, 110km, 5h48
  16. April 16 – Peckham Park Run, 5km, 25m, 68/171
  17. April 23 – South West Coast Path Marathon TE, 44.5km, 5h21, 10/40
  18. May 1 – Oldbury Whitehorse Sprint Triathlon, Swim 250m, Bike 20km, Run 5km, 1h6, 27/183
  19. May 8 – Hampshire Hilly 100, 163km, 1900m climbing, 6.5hrs riding, 6h53, 91/320
  20. May 14 – Immortal 10km, 53m, 72/240
  21. May 14 – Immortal Megasprint, Swim 900m, Cycle 31km, Run 7.5km, 2h7, 28/98
  22. May 15 – Immortal Middle, Swim 1900m, Cycle 93km, Run 22.5km, 6h27, 60/132
  23. May 22 – Hackney Half, 1h48, 3381/13246
  24. May 29 – Swansea Sprint, Swim 750m, Cycle 20km, Run 5km, 1h13, 34/602
  25. June 5 – Race for Men, 10km, 1h4, 94/134
  26. June 11 – Salisbury Park Run, 5km, 23m, 61/321
  27. June 18 – Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon, Swim 3.4km, Cycle 200km, Run 42km, 14h27, 78/142
  28. July 3 – SUPBIKERUN, Stand-Up Paddleboard 3km, Cycle 21km (road bike), Run 5km (trail run), 2h8, 32/119
  29. July 9 – Questars Novice Adventure Race, Run 17.5km, Kayak 4.95km, Run 2.2km, Cycle 31km (total 51.6km), 5h10, 3/11
  30. July 16 – Poole Park Run, 5km, 19m, 38/540
  31. July 20 – Castle Combe 25 Mile TT, 1h2
  32. July 23 – LPS Lake 62 Summer Standard Tri, Swim 1.5km, Cycle 39km, Run 10.5km, 2h27, 14/109
  33. July 30 – Mumbles Centurion, Swim 2km, Cycle 78km, Run 20km, 5h36, 22/106
  34. August 6 – Salty Sea Dog Triathlon, 1h24, 8/156
  35. August 14 – Henley Half Marathon Swim, 5.5km, 1h50, 27/197
  36. August 17 – LPS Summer Sprint Tri, Swim 400m, Cycle 16km, Run 4.5km, 56m, 8/111
  37. August 20 – Moors Valley Park Run, 5km, 29m, 212/419
  38. August 27 – Rutland Water Park Run, 5km, 23m, 58/255
  39. September 4 – Newbury Sprint Triathlon, Swim 300m, Cycle 22km, Run 5km, 1h2, 6/191
  40. September 10 – Ironman Wales, Swim 2.4 miles, Cycle 112 miles, Run 26.2 miles, 12h51, 575/1706
  41. September 17 – Nelly’s Ride – Tour de Test Valley, Cycle 80km, 3h30
  42. October 1 – London Marathon, 3h34, 6784/40562
  43. October 8 – Maverick Half Marathon (Lincolnshire), 2h8, 86/158
  44. October 15 – Jurassic Coast Ultra Marathon, 11h38, 40/148
  45. October 30 – Popham Airfield Cyclocross, 1h3, 45/50
  46. November 5 – South Downs Half Marathon, 1h57, 103/467
  47. November 12 – The Brecon Ultra, 9h58, 21/48
  48. November 26 – Afan Duathlon, Run 4.5km, Cycle 24km, Run 4.5km, 1h53, 12/40
  49. December 3 – Maverick Dark Half, 21km, 2h14, 65/164
  50. December 11 – Santa Run, 27m
  51. December 17 – Portsmouth Coastal Marathon
  52. December 24 – Salisbury Park Run, 5km

If anyone reading this article wants to get involved, the best way to contact Patrick is by following and messaging on Instagram. If you want to have a look at Patrick’s calendar of events, you can check it out by visiting his Linktree here. On this link you’ll also find access to Patrick’s fundraising page, Youth Sport Trust links and also links to his blog.


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