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Rio 2016: The Team Kit Catwalk

Brazil is a vibrant country full of colour noise and uniqueness. 
The Olympic games are the pinnacle of sporting excellence. This is a truly unique opportunity for the kit buff to take the opportunity to see the full range of national team kits, and observe the latest offerings from the largest sportswear manufacturers globally.
From the opening ceremony at Rio 2016, it is immediately apparent how sports team kit has developed rapidly over the last few years.
Sublimation print sports clothing is becoming more predominant at the top end of sports and across the range of team and individual sports where as traditionally in recent years it has been the preserve of grass roots team sports in particular rugby union, rugby league and cycling.
Sublimation print sportswear offers all teams a unique opportunity to improve design, look and feel of garments whilst matching good looks and sleek lines with highly technical wicking sports fabrics.
The range of sports teams who will be wearing sublimation print sports garments, at the Olympics in Rio 2016 is breathtaking, especially to a sublimation sports team kit nerd, like myself!
Some examples of the teams and the sublimation sports team kits they will be wearing are as follows:

Marathon Running

The Estonian Olympic team are pictured wearing sublimation print Ts, shorts and vests at Rio 2016 uniquely printed to show off both their sponsors and their athleticism.
Sublimation print technical sports t shirts are perfect for running clubs and teams as they offer the opportunity to add as much design, colour, logos and branding as you want whilst remaining light weight and wicking moisture effectively. Put simply, running team kits and sublimation print technology go together perfectly.

USA Rugby 7s

The return of Nate Ebner the Spartan to rugby sevens at the Olympics Rio 2016 and the ongoing form of the unique Carlon Isles demands awesome team kit.
Team USA hasn’t let us down on this front, utilising sublimation print technology perfectly to show off their national pride in a uniquely performance supporting sports specific team kit. Sublimation rugby team kits are durable, colourful, light weight and wick moisture effectively . The sublimation print process of manufacturing sportswear suits 7s perfectly.


Watch the Olympic swimming competitions to get the full range of sublimation swimming team kit.
Be prepared to see a massive range of colours, designs and vivid patterns at Rio 2016. Grass roots swim clubs have been moving over to sublimation print team kit for a number of years.
As with a lot of sportswear development this started in Australia, but swimming clubs and teams across the UK  are catching on. Sublimation team swim suits are the future, and will stay the fashion for some time as teams can create their own unique identity when the alternatives are so bland and standardised.


The Japanese Gymnastics team is sporting a fine example of sublimation print stretch fabric in Rio 2016.
This massively fitting as the Japanese manufacture some of the finest sublimation print machines and water based sublimation print Inks on the market. Sublimation print gymnastics team kits and cheer uniforms have become more and more available in recent years as teams strive to stand out and be unique.

Track Events

The sprinters have long shown off their spectacular physiques in sublimation print run suits, sublimation print run vests and shorts.
The potential for truly unique bespoke design and the ability to complete small production runs has ensured that sublimation print technology and running team kits match up together perfectly. Take a look at Usain Bolt in his Jamaica running team kit, which incorporates sublimation with heat transfers to create a truly unique running team kit.

Beach Volleyball

As beach volleyball has risen in the medias attention, the performance fabrics used in the team kit has developed dramatically.
The sublimation print sports bikinis and printed crop tops that the ladies wear are both sports specific and have helped market the sport globally as a true glamour spectator classic. In London 2012, the ladies beach volleyball was a party in London attended by none other than Prince William. Would the ladies beach volleyball be such a draw without the sublimation team kits on show?


Sublimation print rowing suits and rowing team kits are becoming more and more prevalent in the sport.
Unique in design and offering teams the ability to stand out in a sea of sameness the sublimation market in rowing is set to grow and grow.


Sublimation hockey uniforms have become more and more popular since the Hockeroos introduced the one piece sublimation print hockey team kit to much media delight during the 2008 Olympics.
Both hockey shirts and shorts can be sublimation print designed and are incredibly suitable to the sport due to the unlimited print options and the lightweight sports specific nature of the fabric. Set your hockey team apart with a sublimation print hockey uniform in 2016.

What We Do

As a sublimation team kit nut who works with a bunch of sublimation print geeks at Scimitar Sports, I truly hope that Rio 2016 kickstarts this design and functionality lead sports market.
Scimitar Sports manufactures sublimation print technical team shirts and  uniforms for over 70 sports, in the full range of sizes from 4 years to 6XL.
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