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Roller Derby – Mens European Cup 2016

This year, we’re had the privilege of creating a stunning set of kit for Tyne & Fear, the North East’s original roller derby team.
What’s more, 2016 also saw the Men’s European Cup return to the Walker Activity Dome in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Ten teams from across Europe would embark on the arena across the 12th & 13th November, all looking to swipe the crown from reigning champions Southern Discomfort.
Teams taking part in the event included Tampere Rollin’ Bros from Finland, Manekken Beasts from Sweden, Panam Squad from France, De Ronnys from Germany and Mad Riders, who travelled from Madrid to take part.
For the third year running, Tyne & Fear would face Southern Discomfort in the final. With the event being live streamed on YouTube and social coverage better than ever, Tyne & Fear couldn’t upset the odds with a victory over Southern Discomfort, after losing 241-80. All in all, comments towards the event were extremely positive, with many fans looking forward to next year already.
Congratulations to Southern Discomfort, and to all other people involved in the event. It looked like the perfect hybrid of fun and ferociousness!
Gracious in defeat, our unofficial award for the greatest kit of the tournament goes to the Tyne & Fear guys, although some would say that our opinion is edging towards the biased side!
For all official coverage, images and re-runs of the live stream, you can check out the official Men’s European Cup Facebook page by clicking here
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