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Winter Running Club Kit: Essentials

The impact of the weather certainly makes winter running a difficult. 
Besides, it’s important to look after yourself in dangerous conditions. The NHS have a number of important tips for running in the winter, recommending that you ease your way into the run; starting slowly to ready the muscles for exercise. You can read the full article here, or find your own tips from the likes of Runner’s World, Women’s Running & Men’s Running.
The article continues by explaining how important it is to wear appropriate running apparel in the winter.
Luckily, our range of custom running kit for clubs and charities includes a number of winter-specific products, with a wide range of options & upgrades available to enhance safety, visibility and warmth.

Available in a number of weights and styles, Scimitar running  jackets have been developed to offer both a premium finish & ongoing comfort. This results in a custom winter running jacket featuring your club colours and logos, while you have the ability to add reflective features or fluorescent colours for enhanced visibility.

  • Skinny Joggers

Recently added to our range of custom running kit, skinny joggers offer a stylish solution for colder, winter running without impacting on the comfort of your run. Better still, Scimitar custom skinny joggers can be sublimated or embroidered, depending on the preference of your club, company or charity.

Probably the most efficient apparel to keep you warm and insulated, base layers help to improve blood circulation, keeping you warm and maximising performance in the harshest conditions the winter can throw at you. Better still, our custom baselayers allow you to add your specific running club colours, emblems and sponsors, as well as the opportunity for consistent designs.

Perfect for winter running, neck warmers are not only excellent at keeping bitter wind chills at bay, the flexibility ensures they are useful in a number of scenarios. Whether they are being used as a headband, a makeshift scarf, wristbands or  you have the ability to create neck warmers in club colours with club logos with Scimitar. Contrado have listed 19 different ways you can use a multifunctional neck warmer, and you can find that list here.

  • Leggings

Available for both men & women, custom running leggings are designed to provide additional warmth, Coupled with a base layer, you’ll have first-class insulation during the winter’s coldest months, keeping you warm while ensuring performance doesn’t drop off. As with base layers, custom running leggings can be made with club colours and branding.

This isn’t a definitive list of our winter running kit. It’s but merely an introduction to the options available for your club. Our specialists can work with you to identify the requirements of your club, offering a bespoke, personable angle.
The relationship with Scimitar isn’t season-specific. Once we’re over the cold weather and we hit Spring, we can provide your club with relevant running kit for the hotter months.
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