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Screen Printing Is Great, But Have You Tried Sublimation?

Thinking of creating a batch of customised t-shirts for your sports event?
How about choosing one of our technical sublimation garments, which offers various models and colours of polyester, ready to be created with your bespoke design, logo or sponsors. The next question, however, relates to the printing method. Do you stick with your trusted screen print, or move on to sublimation?
There’s an array of advantages to choosing technical garments for your customisation needs, each yielding fantastic results. Using one or two colour screen-printing process will usually get the job done; we’ve created an impressive portfolio of incredible screen printed t-shirts in the past. With screen print you are, however, limited to a pay-per-colour basis, as well as being hugely restricted in both design and print-placement aspects of your garments.
What about sublimation, we hear you say? This is our preferred printing method, and we’ll explain why.
Your bespoke colour dyes are placed next to white polyester and heated, so the polyester molecules open. The sublimation dye turns into a gas, penetrating the fibres of the fabric when heated. After the heat is removed, the polyester molecules will close and permanently trap the sublimation dyes. Your custom image gets indelibly transferred to the polyester garment. When the fabric cools, the fibres close and permanently retain the brilliant, vivid colour of the sublimation dye.
What are the end results of sublimation printing? A fully bespoke and customised t-shirt, hoodie, jacket or running vest made how you want it, with zero effects on the breathability and performance of your custom products.
Taking everything in to consideration, sublimation printing to be the way forward for your custom clothing. Replace screen print with a more durable, vibrant and flexible printing method. If you’d like to find out more, talk to Richard Webb at Scimitar Sports today and get in charge of your bespoke sportswear. You can call the team on 01905 425324, or click on the link above to email Richard directly.
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