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Serge Ibaka in Scimitar Kit

It’s fair to say we’ve seen some pretty big names wearing Scimitar kit over the years.
From royalty and professional racing drivers to television presenters and household rugby stars, we’ve been privileged to work with some highly influential people across the world.
Following on with this ever-increasing trend, we were delighted to spot NBA star Serge Ibaka of the Toronto Raptors in Scimitar basketball kit and leisurewear last month.
We work with many brands and clients worldwide, including brands in Africa. For the second year running, Cowbell Milk partnered with the Serge Ibaka Foundation with the Cowbell Ibaka Games, held in the Republic of Congo’s capital city, Brazzavile (Serge’s hometown).

Throughout the day, numerous events were held to connect with the Congolese youth and to inspire, with one of the country’s most famous exports. A festival-like experience was to be enjoyed by the locals, before an exhibition basketball game (with players selected from a Serge Ibaka Dreams Academy Baseball Camp, hosted the previous day) was competed in front of thousands at the Makélékélé sports centre.
As the pictures below clearly show, our work hard to ensure our clients are represented in all types of custom sportswear and promotional merchandise with high quality, premium products. Whether you’re brand is based in Africa, the Americas, Australasia or Europe, our team of custom specialists are on hand.
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In the meantime, check out some more images from the Cowbell Ibaka Games below!


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