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We’re blessed to be in an age where rugby kit is evolving and blurring the lines of fashion and technical performance.
That being said, there’s certainly been a few recent examples of strange rugby designs across 15s, 7s and tour. We’ve handpicked a selection of six awful rugby shirts that will be remembered by the rugby community for all of the wrong reasons!
worst rugby kits

  1. Stade Français
    Just look at it! The jersey features a wide range of characters, making it a homage to the Paris community. That’s a lovely concept, and it drew a lot of attention for the message of unity.But does this work into a wearable rugby shirt? We’d have to put our hands up and say no – the colours are that varied that it’s hard to spot the Adidas logo!
  2. Stade Français, again
    Yep, it’s them again! We’re not entirely sure how this has happened, but we could feature Stade Français throughout this list. The 2010/11 kit featured a leopard pattern, with the signature Stade Français pink.Maybe not quite as atrocious (or painful on the eyes) as the community kit mentioned above, but it certainly gives it a run for it’s money!
  3. Vodacom Bulls
    Maybe they were trying to blend into the turf? The Vodacom Bulls (of South Africa) wore a shirt for the 2014 season which was, well, different.The ‘woodland’ camouflage being the main stand out element.It’s safe to say that this design has faded away into the distance, and hasn’t been used again.
  4. Ospreys
    Okay, so this could be one of the worst kits we’ve seen out there.  The patterns don’t make any particular sense and the colours seem to be all over the place!There’s not really anything else we can say; it’s just hard to imagine someone forking out £40+ for a replica version of this jersey!
  5. England Sevens
    Sevens & tour kits are known for being a little bit more ‘out there’ than traditional 15’s kits, but this one stands out for all the wrong reasons.Look at it from a distance, and the colours seem to blur into one – throw in the yellow sleeves for what seems to a mixed-match of colours, patterns and designs. Some might like it, this is possibly one of those that is completely subjective!
  6. Leicester Tigers.
    This effort for Leicester Tiger’s 2012/13 season offers a decent colour palette – a cool teal and navy selection, but that’s about where the positives end unfortunately!The ‘tiger stripe’ or ‘zebra stripe’ (we’re not entirely sure) didn’t particularly work for the tight fitting, modern shirts, while the blank space on the front of the shirt divided opinion amongst rugby fans.

Awful rugby shirts aside, let’s get back to the relevance of this to our offering!
With our range of custom rugby kits, the design is in your control!
If you’re after a wacky, ‘out there’ design, we won’t judge! Our talented team of designers can help you achieve any design you want, traditional or otherwise.
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