Stores4Sports is being replaced

Stores4Sports, the innovative e-commerce solution  we introduced to house the online purchases of products for our sports clubs, charities and event clients, will be phased out over the next few weeks.
Don’t panic though!
While Stores4Sports led the way in the custom sportswear market for bespoke, multi-use ecommerce portals for our customers over the previous 18 months, we’re always looking for ways to offer a better, rounded and flawless experience for your own customers.
That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of two brand new online shop portals, called ScimitarClubs and ScimitarEvents.
Split out to allow more tailored solutions for sports teams/clubs and charity/corporate events, our new client portals have been built on an entirely different platform, tailored to offer a quicker and more immersive experience – from perusal through to purchase.
A few benefits of the new systems are:

  • Simplified checkout experiences for customers
  • Better looking products and landing pages
  • A pure focus on offering different types of shipping & pre-orders
  • A better mobile experience
  • Trustworthy Scimitar branding

Existing clients of Stores4Sports will be migrated over the coming weeks to the new system, while new customers can discuss the online shop with our account managers.
The service is only open to customers of Scimitar’s bespoke clothing.

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