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TCS London Marathon Charity Runners

With 2022 being the final autumnal London Marathon (sporting its fancy new name with headline sponsor TCS), ballot results were released today. 

Twitter burst into a huge mix of emotions between people who had managed to secure an entry, and those who assumed the running gods were never on their side. Here are a few examples to highlight the agonising shift between dispair and elation, all within the matter of hours.


So you’ve received your ballot email, and the news isn’t good. You know from the subject line and preview text that this isn’t the email you were hoping for. After the initial expression of disappointment, and once the adrenaline has eased, grab a cup of coffee and remember that this doesn’t have to be it.

Let’s look at your charity running options. 

From cancer support and medical-orientated charities to Armed Forces and lifeboat support, there are a number of fundraising charities out there that could use your legs. In return for a registration fee and a fundraising pledge, you’ll be able to take part in the 2022 TCS London Marathon, whilst helping raise money for some of the UK’s top charities.

Build a story, fundraise for a charity close to home and know that when you cross that finish line, you’re achieving both a personal milestone and helping someone (or something) as part of that journey.

The number of charity places currently available is due to reduce quickly post-ballot. Here’s a number of examples (with a clickthrough to their dedicated London Marathon page):

and much, much more.

For the full list of charity places and to submit an application, click here. Look out for our blog post tomorrow, where we’ll be detailing the top 5 alternative options to the London Marathon. From castles and lakes to historic towns and events with a twist, there’s an alternative event out there that’s perfect for you.


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