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The Importance of Event T-Shirts

When planning an event, whether it be OCR, corporate or a charity event, there are a number of important things to consider when selecting event t-shirts.
You want your participants to feel as though they have received a product of real value. If participants then choose to wear the event t-shirts when the dust has settled, you will receive a huge number of walking advertisements.
This will help promote your event in gyms, on sports fields and in other event, as those who loved your event proudly show off their new t-shirts.
Because of this, there is nothing more fit for duty than sublimation event shirts.
Sublimation event shirts can be used to promote both your event and your sponsors perfectly in really original bold and imaginative ways. We’ve produced some great shirts to represent sponsors ,including the Flowers Sea Swim (which featured up to 70 sponsors on the back panel), as well as Newton Abbott RFC’s warm up t-shirt, with 50 sponsors covering both the front and back of the shirt.
Nothing represents a sponsors logo on a sports garment better than sublimation print, as the perfectly colour matched sponsor can appear big and bold.
Sponsors aside, no item of sportswear wicks moisture better, as there is no blocking of the fabric with unnecessary embroidery. Overprinting is avoided too, which can cause uncomfortable rubbing and prominent perspiration patches.
The use of custom sublimation print shirts will also ensure that you can receive the full variety of sizes in any colour way you require rather than stocking unnecessary garments, particularly if limitations of stock holding are rife.
Sublimation shirts don’t have to be expensive. We’re proud to offer competitive pricing when manufactured in considerable volume (especially if the design can be drum printed). Likewise, costs can be comparable to shirts manufactured using other techniques that involve complex, multi-coloured prints.
Join the many who have chosen Scimitar as their preferred event t-shirts supplier. Let us create a unique shirt to reward your participants highly for their achievements. Our passionate sales team and talented designers will help ensure you get the best deal, and, more importantly, the most imaginative and suitable shirt design possible!
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