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Trend Check: 2016 Cycle Jersey Designs

As we enter the second month of 2016, it’s a good time to start discussing trends we’ve seen in the industry and implemented in cycle jersey designs so far.

Across the charity, corporate and cycling club sectors, we’ve seen it all!
What patterns and colours are we seeing featured across bespoke sportswear? Are specific requirements beginning to emerge? Nick Flower, Scimitar’s Creative Director, delves into the deep realms of our design folders to bring you the latest…

  • The Patterns & Colours

Although we are early in to 2016 and haven’t seen any true trends emerge yet, we like to keep our finger on the design pulse.
As part of our passion for the industry we work in, we regularly undertake market research to identify upcoming trends and requirements within the industry and even across other sports.
So far in to 2016, we’ve seen people leaning towards the inclusion of simple geometrical patterns (such as diamonds, triangles and hexagons). This actually rolls over from the end of last year, continuing an industry-wide appreciation for retro, 1990 styling.
In terms of popular colours for cycle jersey designs, we are seeing a trend in greys, blues and oranges, which actually seem to be a ‘fashion favourite’ at the moment! We’re also seeing a demand for textured fabric, adding an extra dimension to the aesthetics of cycle jerseys.

  • The Requirements

Sportswear is evolving quickly.
We’re always looking to offer the very latest technology in our designs, with elements such as reflective heat press and reflective flat locked stitching becoming ever-popular requests.
Extra pockets, contrast panels, breathable mesh panels are also on the rise in terms of their request within cycle jersey designs particularly. Finally, low tack silicone backed elastic cuffs are offering our customers a secure, comfortable fit.
To Summarise…
As a bespoke manufacturer of sublimated sportswear, we see trends come and go very quickly. We also see customer preferring to go against trends and create their own unique look. There’s no wrong or right answer.
With a host of clubs, corporate clients and charity customers looking for different things, we seek to implement the latest trends and the latest technology while adhering to some of the stringiest brand guidelines.
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