What are Sublimation T-Shirts?

Trust us; you’ll hear us say it a lot. Sublimation is the best printing method for technical t-shirts and sportswear.
Sublimation actually refers to the printing method we use on your products. It’s the process of using full colour artwork and transferring it to fabric with the use of heat and pressure. This combination turns the dye into a gas which permeates the fabric, in tun solidifying into the core fibres of the garment.
There are many benefits to sublimation printing over the more traditional methods of screen print, water print and heat transfers. We’ve listed a few of the perks below:

  1. The fabric is permanently dyed, so the issue of damage through washing isn’t a thing.
  2. There are absolutely no textures to the garment – there’s no build up of dye or residue on the garments.
  3. The vibrancy of sublimation print is staggering
  4. Pantone matching can take place, ensuring corporate/brand colours, logos and sponsors are represented perfectly.
  5. The artwork can be applied all over the garment, with no restriction or cost implication.
  6. Combine these reasons with our years of sublimation expertise, it’s not difficult to see why we proudly advocate and support the use of sublimation t-shirts for technical clothing for all of our partners.

From elite rugby team kit to charity running vests, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of sublimation sportswear to the UK, American & African markets. From 15 running vests for a local running club to 15,000 technical t-shirts for a national charity, we have the capabilities and experience to match.
If you’d like to find out more about what we do, or talk to the team about your specific requirements for technical sportswear, you can call us on 01905 425324, email sales@scimitarsports.com or fill in the forms on this blog.

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