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As we shape up for a future we’ve never seen before, as a business we had a serious question to answer.

How can we help.

As the UK’s custom sportswear specialists, we have utilised our supply chain and the talents of our dedicated workforce to quickly develop a face mask product that is reusable, washable and fluid repellent. Most importantly, it is cost effective to make it viable.

But why the need for custom face masks?

In a recent ITV News article, it was revealed that use of a face mask could reduce the spread of person’s breath by up to 90%.

As the UK begins to return to (some sort of) normality, things are going to be a lot different to what we’re used to. Businesses are going to be the most affected, with a hefty requirement to keep their employees safe from the threat of COVID-19.

Custom Face Masks

So this means:

  • Introducing social distancing areas in offices and workplaces
  • Providing some form of protection for employees
  • Adjusting shops and meeting spaces to cater for clients and customers.

With that in mind, we are urging companies to begin planning for this in advance, and that our custom face masks are a way of creating branded protection at a cost-effective option compared to medical and/or non-medical PPE.

On their return to work, staff will need to be safe and have confidence that their employers are doing everything possible to shield them from the risk of COVID-19. With that in mind, let’s look at the options for six months’ worth of PPE protection.

N95/FFP2 Masks: 100 staff require 1 mask each per day. That’s £50,000+VAT for 6 months coverage.

3ply Masks: 100 staff require 3 masks each per day. That’s £36,000+VAT for 6 months coverage.

A considerable investment, so let’s talk efficiency with our custom face mask options.

FRFM Fluid Repellent Masks:
100 staff, 10 of our FRFM Fluid Repellent Face Masks each.

That’s £3950+VAT for 6 months coverage. Saving v N95: £46,050 over six months (£7675 per month)

PFM Essential Fabric Masks:
100 staff, 10 of our PFM Essential Fabric Face Masks each.

That’s £1950+VAT for 6 months coverage. Saving v 3ply: £34,050 over six months (£5675 per month)

Each mask lasts over a working month, and both FRFM & PFM projections above includes a second mask for employees to use while the other is in the wash. That’s before we even begin to talk about applying unlimited designs & company branding to your custom face masks.

Prepare for what will be the new normal with Scimitar custom face masks. Find out more about our options by clicking the button below.

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