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Winter Cycling Club Kit: Essentials

As the temperature drops, it’s time for the number of layers to increase.
Thankfully, we’ve worked with enough cycling clubs and charities over the years to create a range of winter cycling apparel that’s entirely fit for purpose. Designed around the identity of your cycling club, our custom kit will keep your club warm while looking amazing over the winter months. With the announcement of our 100% recycled fabric option earlier this week for our standard cycling jerseys, we’re thrilled to be leading an innovative revolution for custom cycling apparel & clothing.
So, what winter cycling products do we recommend for clubs & charities?
Here’s our top five custom products for cyclists to make the most of in the winter.
Jackets. Available in a number of weights and styles, all of our custom cycling jackets have been developed to offer a premium finish. This means a fully branded cycling jacket with your club colours and logos, and optional extras to enhance it further based on your needs. For a breakdown on the options available, speak to our cycling club specialists.
Gilets. For an extra layer of warmth, custom cycling gilets are a great choice. Designed to provide wicking properties with mesh side panels but to be windproof with a reinforced front panel, they help to regulate temperature, keeping you toasty, comfortable ad protected from wind chill. Optional extras allow you to customise this product further.
Base-layers. Much like underlay, base layers offer a degree of close protection from the elements, ensuring that you stay warm and insulated, improving blood circulation and maximising performance in the harshest of conditions. Our custom baselayers allow you to add club colours, emblems, sponsors and consistent designs.
Arm & Leg Warmers. One of the most versatile pieces of cycling kit, they are often paired with short sleeve jerseys and gilets. They can be worn underneath jackets and winter-specific clothing – as branded accessories, they are a great bit of cycling kit to have within your inventory.
Leggings. Available for men & women, leggings are the perfect products to wear underneath your garments for additional warmth. Coupled with a base layer, you’ll have first-class insulation during the winter’s coldest months, keeping you warm while ensuring performance doesn’t drop off. As with base layers, leggings can be made with club colours and branding.

We’re not limited to the above for winter cycling kit. From cycling neck tubes & cycling caps to socks and fluorescent jackets, Scimitar are able to provide a winter cycling kit solution for your club that ticks all of the boxes.
The best thing? When we’re through with the blizzards and the snow, you can speak to the team about our award winning custom cycling apparel for Spring!
Need a quote or more information? We have a number of methods for you to get hold of us.
You can call us on 01905 425324, email us at, use the Live Chat button at the bottom of this page (Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm) or go social and contact the team on Facebook Messenger.
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