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Custom Medals

Custom Medals

Scimitar are a leading UK supplier of custom medals for mass participation events.

Available in bespokes sizes, materials and printing methods, our customised medals are made to give recipients the wow factor. From highly detailed metal medals and functional medals (including hinged doors or bottles openers) to our all-new range of sustainable, premium wooden medals, you are guaranteed a premium quality product at extremely competitive prices in bulk volume.

Couple your new custom event medals with a premium printed ribbon, also now available in 100% recycled polyester. Available in a number of sizes, thicknesses and styles, our custom medals are truly customisable to every intricate detail.


  • Individual tagging and packaging available.
  • Sustainable options now available.


  • Limitless selection of sizes and shapes are available for your custom medals.
  • Standard offering of 50mm diameter & 3mm thick medals.
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Scimitar are a leading UK supplier of custom medals.

Scimitar’s comprehensive range of custom medals are especially renowned for their outstanding quality. As a leading UK supplier of customised medals, our options are comprehensive and limited only by the imagination, including the additional of sustainable UV and wooden options if required. In terms of customisation, you are only limited by your budget.

All custom medals can be engraved and are individually wrapped or packaged and tagged to your specifications, and are especially perfect for all kind of events and to celebrate achievements of all kinds. Previous designs include the production of medals 10K events, half marathons, full marathons and OCR events. With custom event medals from Scimitar, you have limitless options. We’re also now able to include iTab personalisation within the design of the medals.

Key Features:

  • A wide selection of bespoke sizes and shapes.
  • Sustainable options available.
  • Standard offering of 50mm diameter & 3mm thick medals.
  • Sublimation print offers all-over printing opportunity.
  • Individual tagging and packaging available.

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