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Scimitar are proud to be the UK’s leading supplier of recycled flags & banners to sporting events, stadiums, professional sports teams and corporates.

Recycled Feather Flags

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Recycled Sail Flags

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Recycled Flags, Banners & Branding

Leading the way with recycled flags & banners.

Scimitar are delighted to offer recycled flags, sustainable banners and eco-friendly branding options to clients in all sectors.

From recycled feather flags and sail flags to sustainable scrim roll and hand flags, our range of recycled products is constantly growing as we develop and innovate.

Thanks to our ongoing commitment to a sustainable future with our products, our sourcing teams and technologists are constantly developing new options.


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Why Scimitar?

When it comes to recycled custom flags and banners, we’re proud to be amongst the UK’s leading and most innovative brands. 

With each sport and sector boasting a number of products that are available in 100% recycled polyester, our whole business is shaped on a greener future which utilises recycled polyester at every avenue.

Besides the production of our recycled sportswear and branding items, we’ve made big changes to the way we work and operate.

We plant 285 trees every month, and have offset the carbon footprint of our UK operations and staff. Our investment helps fund international initiatives which helps reduce carbon dioxide production on every continent.

We’re even looking at brand new ways to package our apparel that is made with sustainably-sourced paper.

It’s all formed under our Recycle Reduce & Repurpose mantra, which you can find out more about by clicking below.

Our personable customer service is second to none.

Every Scimitar client benefits from having a team of two Account Managers. 

By providing a team of two, we’re able to offer 360° account management from initial enquiry to the delivery of your goods and any re-orders.

Your Account Management team will work together to offer you a seamless, personable service that’s unlike anything else out there.

As we continue to develop new recycled products, your account managers will let you know as and when they become available.

We’re also here to listen. If there’s a product you think would be great made with sustainable fabrics, let us know and the team can look into it on your behalf.

Explore our full range of recycled products, options and upgrades today.

Scimitar &

Recycle, Reduce, Repurpose

Our mantra of sustainability.
From a commitment to using recycled polyester as standard by 2025 to developing eco-friendly packaging, explore our vision today.


Carbon negative UK operations.
Every month, Scimitar funds the planting of 280 fully-traced trees in both rainforests & the UK, equivalent to 26.49 tonnes of carbon reduction. 


Unprecedented recycling of used kit.
In partnership with Tag Rugby Trust & National Police Aid Convoy, we’ll pick up disused/old sportswear from our clients when we deliver their new kit.


Differences don't exist.

Recycled flags and banners are no different from those made with traditional polyester.

The goal was always to ensure that our recycled custom flags and banners look, feel and work the same.

Besides sustainable flags and banners, we’re still leading the way with recycled sportswear and clothing items. 

Partner with Scimitar for a comprehensive range of recycled sportswear, branding items and merchandise options.


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