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Custom Roller Derby Kit & Playing Tops

Award winning custom roller derby t-shirts, vests, playing kit & leisurewear for clubs of all ages and abilities.

Sustainable and recycled options are now available.

Roller Derby Custom Event Vests

Roller Derby Custom Event T-Shirts

Roller Derby Custom Match Shorts

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Roller Derby Custom Polo Shirts

Roller Derby Custom Hoodies

Custom roller Derby Kit & Leisurewear

Custom roller derby shirts & playing kit.

We’re proud to be the UK’s leading supplier of custom roller derby kit. 

We know that when it comes it comes to your custom roller derby kit, you need products that not only looks great, but are fit for purpose too.

The Scimitar range of roller derby kit is designed and crafted on an order by order basis, with a focus on making the designs unique and the products hard wearing.

Better still, we’ll design your roller derby kit to suit your team colours, badge, logo and any branding you already have in place.

With custom roller derby vests, t-shirts & leisurewear from Scimitar, you won’t be left disappointed.

Custom Roller Derby Jerseys

Let's go crazy.

Looking to stand out? We create custom roller derby kit with no limitation on design or print areas.

Thanks to our premium (and vegan-friendly) sublimation ink, we’re able to print an unlimited array of colours and patterns at no additional cost to you. This includes the addition of sponsors in all possible positions.

Go as crazy with the designs as you want. The premium sublimation techniques we use for our custom roller derby shirts are of unrivalled quality, with the added benefit of durability thanks to the fade-free print.

From sign-off, orders can be produced & delivered in as little as four weeks with our express production capabilities.

Explore our full range of custom roller derby kit by clicking below.

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Custom Roller Derby Shirts
Custom Roller Derby Kit

Why Scimitar?

Scimitar have been developing custom team kit for over 10 years, catering for a wide variety of international and local sports.

With our skilled internal creative team, we’ll design your custom handball kit to be personal to your club with any ideas or input you’ve got prepared. We’ll also ensure we safeguard your club colours, badges and logos of sponsors.

The Scimitar range of roller derby kit is designed and crafted on an order by order basis, with a focus on making the designs unique and the products hard wearing.

Better still, we’ll design your roller derby kit to suit your team colours, badge, logo and any branding you already have in place.

While we work to create our full range of sportswear in sustainable fabrics, our custom roller derby vests, t-shirts and shorts are available in our 100% recycled option.

Our garment technologists are working hard behind the scenes to ensure the rest of our range is available in our sustainable option. 

We aim to be producing our custom sportswear in recycled fabric, by standard, by 2025.

Find out more about our sustainable products and initiatives below.

Every Scimitar client benefits from having a team of two Account Managers. 

By providing a team of two, we’re able to offer 360° account management from initial enquiry to the delivery of your goods and any re-orders.

Your Account Management team will work together to offer you a seamless, personable service that’s unlike anything else out there.

We’ve developed a full range of custom roller derby kit, with our brochure containing over 25 unique products tailored perfectly for the rugged nature of the sport.

What’s more, we provide a range of customisable options and upgrades to ensure you get the final finish you’re after.

Whether you’re looking for a bulk order of custom roller derby vests & t-shirts for all of the teams within your club, or a branded range of hoodies for social occasions or to retail online, we have a product range that’s tailored around your individual needs.

Explore the full range of products, options and upgrades today.

Download our Roller Derby Brochure by clicking here.

Scimitar &

Recycle, Reduce, Repurpose

Our mantra of sustainability.
From a commitment to using recycled polyester as standard by 2025 to developing eco-friendly packaging, explore our vision today.


Carbon negative UK operations.
Every month, Scimitar funds the planting of 280 fully-traced trees in both rainforests & the UK, equivalent to 26.49 tonnes of carbon reduction. 


Unprecedented recycling of used kit.
In partnership with Tag Rugby Trust & NPAC, we’ll pick up disused/old sportswear from our clients when we deliver their new kit.

Scimitar x Roller Derby

Build the ideal package.

Custom t-shirts and shorts, for example, aren’t all we do for roller derby. We’re proud to be your one-stop roller derby supplier for all technical and leisurewear!

Get great discounts on your order when you add team leisurewear too. We can supply team branded hoodies, tracksuits and polo shirts to give you team that professional look and to give your team members a great feeling of belonging to a great team.

Technical apparel is lightweight & wicking, and is crafted from 140gsm Qwick-Dri™ technical fabric as standard. There’s a full spectrum of sizing, from children through to adult 5XL. Thanks to the sublimation print your kit will remain fade free, and will look as good as new after every wash.

Download our brochure below and explore our full range of custom roller derby apparel.

Roller Derby Racer Back Vests

Roller Derby

Explore our range of custom roller derby kit and leisurewear options online, or download our brochure by clicking the link below.

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